Astrophotography Workshops

Learn basic to advanced Astrophotography techniques and sharpen your skills.

Beginning in the late afternoon before sunset, we begin by transitioning into night, for a 4 hour seminar in the field.

Cost: $200.00 per person.

What you see on my website is what I do. If you would like to learn how to take these kinds of images, then my workshops are for you!

• Learn the fundamentals of astrophotography in a dark sky location.

• The basics of astronomy.

• Essential tips on camera selection and accessories

• Lens selection, exposure, focusing, target acquisition, leveling.

• How to shoot: Meteor showers, the Milky Way (including panoramas) satellites such as the International Space Station, aurorae, and other astronomical events. Composite images like Star trails and multi frame meteor compositions.

• Using multiple exposures (High Dynamic Range) to enhance image capture.

• Timelapse sequences

             o Introduction to static timelapse sequences

             o Introducing motion to timelpase sequences

             o Day to night / night to day timelapse transitions

• I will provide tracking mounts for long exposure shots.

What you need to bring:

• DSLR camera capable of shooting in manual and/or bulb mode (varies by brand) and the user manual may be handy.

• Any lens in theory will work. However the faster the lens, the better. Same goes for focal length. Any one will work, but for landscapes a wide angle lens is best. This is usually 24mm or less.

• A cable release or intervalomter

• Spare battery

• Tripod

• Flashlight

• Appropriate clothing for the season Accomodation is not included. (Local accommodations are easy to find)

Post Processing workshops are available at a cost of $100.00/hr (Teamviewer sessions for this are possible. Once you get home and have a look at your shots you may want my input and tips on processing in Photoshop and Lightroom)

All appointments are weather permitting and will be rescheduled if necessary.

Contact me at : if you are interested in a session.